Kitchen Layout

The layout of a kitchen should be such that it is easy to work in, and provides convenience to your family. You can choose from the work triangles created by our architects. To maximize efficiency and ease of use, the National Kitchen and Bath Association has recommended that the three primary working areas of a kitchen: Sink area, range and refrigerator should be arranged in a triangular pattern. To adhere to efficiency, the triangle pattern should be within twenty six feet. This path should be free from decorative objects, cabinetry and other features

Four basic layouts promote the efficiency of the work triangle and allow easy traffic flow through your kitchen


Single Wall – This concept works for kitchens that are small or open-concept. The elements are arranged along one wall and there may be an island in the middle to divide the room.
Corridor or Gallery Kitchen – This layout has cabinets and appliances on opposite sides, creating a hallway through the kitchen space. It is easy to move through the kitchen area without encountering obstacles.
L-Shaped – This concept places cabinetry and appliances perpendicular to each other along two walls. It maximizes small spaces and is extremely easy to work in. There may be an island or other divider present to guide traffic.
U-Shaped – This layout uses three walls, offering abundant counter space and a small distance between workstations. It is ideal for a busy chef or larger family.

Greater Toronto Area Kitchen

Just like you cannot purchase your house every month, same way you cannot make changes to your kitchen every now and then. It calls for lot of investment in designing the perfect kitchen that is not only stylish but also functional. So before you start cutting down wood, you should be clear about the shape you want to cut it in.

We understand your limitations and your criteria for a perfect work. This is the reason we are the most preferred service provider in this area. Regardless of what your taste or your requirement is, one thing is for sure. You want your kitchen perfectly made in the first go. You may not have the resources or the time to make changes to it again and again.

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