Finishing Touches

At Aura Kitchens you get personal attention from one our project managers to assist you in finding a kitchen plan that suits your requirements in the best possible way. Our innovative designs are complimented by functionality.

Countertops – considering the nature of today’s material, you can choose from various options available for countertops. A great countertop should be reliable, durable and easy to clean.
Laminate is easy to clean and is durable, but not as durable as granite or quartz. It is also prone to water damage.
Butcher block/wood works perfectly in areas where food is prepared. However, it is difficult to clean and is also prone to water damage.
Stainless steel is easy to clean, water proof, heat resistant and durable. Since most of the appliances are made of stainless steel, it will comfortably match with your kitchen. When you use stainless steel surfaces you should exercise caution as it is prone to scratches.
Solid surfaces may come from a naturally occurring source such as marble or may be manufactured. They are easy to clean, and resistant to heat and humidity.
Ceramic tile is resistant to humidity and heat, and is durable. You must, however, ensure that the grout between the tiles is kept clean.


the most popular place in a house is the kitchen. Its floor must be made to withstand moisture and must be durable. Some of the options available in kitchen flooring are stone, hardwood, ceramic tile, painted concrete,cork, vinyl, or stain-resistant carpet.



The ambience and mood of a room is set by the lighting. Various lighting systems provide different ambience at different hours of a day.

To assist you in the task of chopping fruits or baking there are task lights that highlight a specified portion of the kitchen.

General or ambient lighting brightens the whole room making every area visible. Accent of decorative lights are used to create a dramatic mood in the kitchen.



To keep the kitchen pollution free it should be properly ventilated. It has been found in research that the kitchen is the most polluted area in a home.

So, care must be taken that fresh air movement is free from any hindrance. Your kitchen should have an exhaust fan and a ventilating machine above your cooking area.

It facilitates in sucking the smoke and moving it out of the home.


Moulding Ideas

You can pick from various options available for valances, mouldings, and fireworks in your kitchen. We can make moldings and cupboards to match your requirements perfectly. To accomplish a dramatic sense of architecture, brackets can also be installed.


Hardware and Accessories

Apart from the sink, range and refrigerator, you can install other appliances to enhance the functionality and convenience of your kitchen. Appliance panels, wine racks, sliding refrigerator, insets, dishwasher panels, and cupboard panels are some of the options. Do you wish to watch TV while you cook or eat? No problem, Aura kitchens can get this done for you.

If you want to have something special like a chopping block, bread board, custom dish rack, pull out cart or cookbook holder, it can also be installed.


An open kitchen is a piece of attraction for every visitor. When you come home after a hard day of work you just rush to your kitchen. If your kitchen is properly designed it will give you a soothing feeling. Your mood can change instantly according the lighting, color and ambiance used in the kitchen. The more comfortable it is to move around, the easier it will be for you to get rid of your hunger or thirst. We help you in designing a kitchen where you want to linger for hours.

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