Top 5 Ideas to Renovate Kitchen This New Year

The New Year always brings new hope, happiness, pleasure, peace and most importantly respect to everyone living their life with motivation and spirit. Surely someone who wants to create something innovative and elegant for their kitchen now is the time to do it. For an essence, if someone wants to perform it, then before you get started, look at the current trends in kitchen design so that you can make sure your kitchen can get some of the best up-to-the-seconds ideas to attract people at one go.

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Minimalist Designs and Patterns

Now for making the kitchen look unique and different, the first we need to start with the minimalist idea because many kitchen renovators especially who are experts in this field are now focused around that less is more interactive. Due to the popularity of long and vertical tables and cupboard doors, many people are going for simplest trends with the rich surfaces and wide racks that look so attractive it gives a minimalist look in the renovation of your kitchen.

Installing Eco-Friendly Gadgets 

As we know the power of Eco-friendly product, so now we are becoming more inclined to opt for environmentally friendly fixtures in our homes; and the increase in eco-friendly kitchen renovations had to occur because it makes sense. And someone who enters the kitchen and stares at some of the collected pieces, it is for sure that it attracts their attention. With the rise of kitchen cabinets, many people are opting for active natural compounds that emit lower air pollution. Also with LED lights installations too, which are the highest energy savers. 

Safety Renovation

These days children in the kitchen are common as it creates helping hands for both parents and guardian and because of this, parents are now looking for new safe kitchen renovation designs to reduce the risk of injury and pain as kids are the one who makes a home a funnier place. During your kitchen renovation, it’s best to let the renovators know to install stove burners Lockouts to prevent stove burners from accidentally being turned on by kids.

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Hide & Seek Appliances

Gone are the days when folks wanted to show off their brand new electronic appliances to mark their impression on top, but these days, things are going different sand quite opposite. Now, people are using their Kitchen Remodelling to create clever ways of hiding their appliances like microwave or dishwasher. Now renovated homes have made the exteriors of the appliances match the rest of cabinetry to make them all blend in. These look sexier and somewhat crazier.

Technology Enthusiasts

People have a desire to turn their kitchen into other living homes, so it’s better to take a renovation as the perfect opportunity to do so this new year. You can install Televisions or other electronic equipment into that cooking area to entertain yourself while cooking, and also it’s quite rare to find all those ideas in the kitchen these days to make the things more interesting, modern and exciting. 

So, now ideas can change with people perspective so it’s better to plan ahead so that things can come into the right order. 

Whether you want to use all the latest trends in a kitchen renovation or just some of the ones mentioned above, your kitchen cooking space will unquestionably be the fun and exceptionally eye-catching place from Aura Kitchen & Cabinetry.

5 Things You Need to Know About Remodel Your Bathroom

Everyone loves beautiful luxurious looking bathroom and kitchens and everyone loves to install it into their interior because they look extremely exceptional and there is no comparison with others. Hardware plays an important role in designing and beautifying your available space, and it is important to choose the best which suits your home appearance.

Now if you are one of them who are happy with what your current home interior looks like, then for a while consider looking what your interior will be when you install highly personal, original and reflective premium hardware fittings. Now what I mean overall is installing elegant wall units, bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets.

contemporary bathroom vanities

When things come to the comfort level of your kitchen or bathroom, stop compromise on things which you really want to install otherwise your actions will lack in clarity and quality. If you in future, for example, want to sell your house for good resale value, then renovating is arguably one of the most important investments you can ever make because that living space inhabits a huge influence on your personality and approach to life.

Ready to remodel your bathroom, but not sure where to start? Why don’t you be with us and see how we change your perspective.

Dawn with an Idea, What You Want.

Now, this is important because before starting a project at least you should have a clear idea that what you like and dislike about your current space. From there, you can think about what kind of aesthetics you would like to install or incorporate, from the colour palette to the types of fittings and style.

Put Your Efforts in Your Research.

The most informed people who know what they want from these projects are often the best. In the world of the internet, according to their budget segments, they can research and gather as many images of spaces they love as there are many fantastic sources of inspiration and surely you will love something. The more trained your eye is on what you love; the easier it will be to make decisions as you go.

Budget is Important.

This is important as your pocket might penetrate your ass, why because you’ve to make unexpected design decisions during the process, which not only add in cost but also significantly add to space too. there is always a good saying, always leave yourself with some extra funds for great fittings and finishes because that is what you will see daily, and get used to with that.

Hire the Great One.

To achieve beautiful results, it’s important to start with good team workers because they are the only one whom you can trust, and understands your budget. Not hiring the best one is what you will never expect, and it’s better to hire the quality one and forget about the budget. When you are in person, everything will be sorted out.

Keep Your Mind at Detail.

Be detail-oriented and skeptical about the little things which you want them to implement in your living space because after all your money plays an important role, and it is necessary to judge and predicts each and every element which you might think is suitable for you and your loved ones either it is your cooking space, living room or bathroom.

Rest, Aura Kitchen is the one that helps you in all of these professional renovations to provide your old-looking bathroom into great elegance and style. Our dedicated team at Mississauga offer bathroom renovation services starting with our client’s vision. Aura is not only the best bathroom remodelling company but is also known for providing quality work with any project we take on

What is Wall Unit and How it Should be Placed or Installed?

The wall unit is the living hub of your room, and it organizes, creates and defines the spaces and the style. Because the living room is the place to relax and enjoy yourself, it is obvious to know how important it is to choose the right furniture to enhance your style and living. Your living room needs to be comfortable at all level, and it needs to be welcoming for your friends and stranger, but at the same time, it should also surely reflect your style and personality.

It is essential to prefer the right living room furniture to attain a balance between the space and aesthetic look. So if you are concerned about buying a wall unit, you should emphasize on choosing a style that suits you and also that fits well with the rest of the house without looking messy.

Wall units

Once the style has been chosen you have to determine and allocate the space which is a relevant part of any living space. If the living space is small or inadequate, opt for the furnishing accessories to optimize the available space, taking advantage of corners to not waste any bits. You can also take suggestions from our professionals that have years of experience to help you out in any of your plans.

It is eternally a great touch to make the room brighter and look wider if you want to install a luxurious looking wall unit that creates versatility in your living space. With an open space or a big room, you have the flexibility to furnish and decor the whole wall perfectly. Modular system or free-standing bookcases are the best options to consider gaining a cozy corner.

Last but not least, how to implement your home stuff into wall units. Take into account the intention of your wall unit to decorate it with gadgets and accessories. As wall units are extremely functional media units to consider for enhancing a clutter-free look and this is where you can mount the TV onto the panel or directly onto the wall and hide all the strings and cables behind to make it look neat and interesting.

If you want a bookcase and plan to store your memorable books, you can also opt for a custom wall unit because you may want to consider a wall-mounted bookcase with customizable shelves and cupboards.

In this fashion, one side you can show your books on Wall Units Gallery and the other, you can place and contain accessories and various other things. Finally, if you are looking for a purely beautifying element, you can challenge yourself with a piece of a unique idea to get an incredible effect on your drawing area.

There are lots you can do to decorate your interior wall unit living and one thing for sure you should also go with what your style has to say.

Wall units provide your home with a completely different outlook and refreshing touch, and if you want some Wall Units Gallery Ideas to improve your existing interior, you can whole-heartedly contact Aura Kitchen and Cabinetry as it is one of the best manufacturers and well-renowned names in the field of modern-looking wall units. We work uniquely and remarkably and this can be verified by the testimonials from our customers.

Perfect Cooking Space you’ve Always Desired for Your Kitchen Remodelling

kitchen renovation

Remodelling a kitchen is really a big mess and it’s not something like an effortless selfless approach. So, even before you map a plan to visit a hardware showroom or meet a professional, read our suggestions and recommendation first on remodelling the kitchen to create the perfect cooking space you’ve always desired for.

Design’s Sheet:

To create a pleasant, relaxed and modern-looking kitchen, you should consider having a designer’s cheat sheet for getting renovation tips for cabinets, countertops, and lighting installation.

Choosing Cabinets or Custom:

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets is up to homeowners to decide which doorknobs and pulls to match with their preference. It should definitely speak to the theme of your cabinet in the same way your kitchen do. Choose a manufacturer that offers the door style with smooth opening and finish as you would want with a standard option.

Under-Cabinet Lighting:

When you are thinking of kitchen remodelling, decorate your lighting either with xenon or led.

Xenon provides you with accurate high colour and vibrant wide beam, and dimmable lightening that not only enhance the look but also add elegance to the beauty of the kitchen.

Led lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting and are enough to enhance the interior of the kitchen with fade effect to present according to your mood lighting.

Double Sliding Shelves:

Always look that a front set of shelves should slide out to the next or one side in a fluid motion, allowing a second to come in the outer corner to slide forward. Concentrate on going for Square shelves cabinets, rather than angled ones as it looks more attractive and eye-appealing in account to the closet interior.


If you’re starting from scratch, you can also opt for drawers based on your comfort and the types of items you plan to store. They take one move and action to open with style as the mechanism is designed in a way that you open the doors first, and then pull the tray for storing large cookware.

Don’t Neglect Quality:

Don’t set your emotions and emphasis so much on the appearance that you forget about quality. You desire hardware to be sturdy, durable and easy enough to grasp on either it is cabinets, drawers, sliding shelves or lighting. It hardly takes one or half-day to cope up with its style and elegance to use it.

Rest, Aura Kitchen is the one that helps you in all of these professional renovations to provide your old-looking retro kitchen into great elegance and style.

Our dedicated team at Mississauga offer kitchen renovation services starting with our client’s vision. Aura is not only the best kitchen remodelling company but is also known for providing quality work with any project we take on.

Remodelling Bathroom Vanities with Trends, Style and Budget

Remodelling your bathroom is sometimes seen as a stressful experience, as it requires a lot of work and effort to turn it into modern-looking bathroom vanity. In other words, it can also be considered fun to infuse personality and character into the decoration of your bathroom. The style and freshness of your bathroom is no comparison with any other room in your home which reflects your particular style and taste.


If you are planning on doing a bathroom remodelling then a few simple tips might help you to make the right in choosing one.

Settle on a style:
The first and foremost, the style of the bathroom vanities should match your personality. You can go for traditional, contemporary and transitional look depending on what you like and your budget. Your bathroom can have the style plus the functionality that it deserves and it will be great to have a unique modern design chosen by you.

Decorative Mirrors:
The mirror you choose should match the overall style of your bathroom Wall unit. Mirrors are a great decorative element for your bathroom and are purely practical and functional that can change the entire look of your bathroom at one go. Also, frameless oval, square or rectangular mirrors are best to give a more modern looking shape.

Choose Modern Vanity:
Bathroom Vanities can seriously make or break the appearance of bathrooms so be careful when selecting each piece. The style and colour must be natural and of high-quality and must match your tastes, trends, styles and space when you shop for the best vanity.

If you are working with the small space and a quite struggling, then the essential point to keep in mind is to open up space a bit so that new installation can begin. The space of the bathroom Vanities should match your overall personality because when it comes to installing vanities, more the space, more elegant and fresh your bathroom will be.

The biggest concern during bathroom remodelling is the budget. Be careful not to exceed your budget because then you will end up with an unfinished project. The main focus of bathroom remodeler is to achieve a look that is not only unique and desirable but also uniforms for your budget when you choose from classic to ultra-modern vanities to match your bathroom demands.

You can also do a bathroom remodelling project by yourself, but often it is better to hire a professional contractor who can help you finish the job in an efficient no time along with current trends to give your bathroom an entirely fresh modern look.

In your leisure, you can also opt for a kitchen remodelling project for your existing retro-looking kitchen with Aura Kitchens & Cabinetry contractor to furnish it with modern cabinets for a whole new kitchen experience. Right now we are currently serving in Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill and Burlington. If you want any of these above services, you can contact us.