Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Summer 2021

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Since the past decade, kitchens have become an integral part of a household. In addition to being a place where food is cooked, kitchens are now used for other purposes as well, like a makeshift home office.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, investing your money into any aspect of a kitchen will prove to be invaluable, including adding value when it’s time for resale. Whether you want to install custom kitchen cabinets or add in a new coat of paint, listed below are different ways through which you can remodel your kitchen in 2021.

Mid-Century Styles

You can add a modern mid-century style to your contemporary kitchen by contrasting bright whites against soft curves and rich timbers. For instance, dark walnut cabinets will look simple with smart bespoke detailing. Or, light marble countertops and splash-backs, along with tall white cabinets which create an illusion of more space, while making the place look fresh.


Speaking of marble, this is the time to try out this next-level style and delve into some luxury. Marble kitchen designs have made a comeback and are everywhere. Whether you want marble countertops, splash-backs, cabinets, or want an entire kitchen consisting of just a marble layout style, you will not regret choosing it. Heavily veined marble is the trend right now when it comes to classy and luxurious kitchens. Not only does it look remarkable, it is also durable, sustainable, and is a very good investment.

Dark Tones

Colors like black, maroon, red, and other dark tones are mostly used as just accent colors. However, nowadays, an entire kitchen set in a dark dramatic tone is appealing to a lot of people. For instance, black cabinetry, walls, and work surfaces are available in dark colors and add a whole new flair to a kitchen.

Twice the Number of Islands

Since the sizes of kitchens are now increasing, there are more open plan spaces available. Hence, the kitchen island is now considered an important kitchen feature. So, if you have a kitchen that can support two islands, then adding a second one will be a great choice. It will add more working space, and each island can be used for different purposes, for instance, one can be used for cooking, while the second one can be used for dining, and on.

Bright Popping Colors

Just like dark colors are being used in kitchens, bright colors are also becoming popular. You have an abundance of different color opportunities, whether it is floors, walls, cabinets, windows, or even appliances. You can add a hint of color in any place you like. A simple and affordable way to do that is to paint one wall with a bright color and see if you like it or not. If it is not your thing, you can always paint it back to its original color.

Handless Designs

Since technology is advancing at an alarming rate, so are the latest contemporary kitchen designs. Multi-tasking is very important these days, hence, your kitchen should match that aspect. This includes having no handles in places where they usually are present. Thanks to technology, doors can now be opened and closed with just a push, making the handles obsolete. When it comes to cabinetry details, kitchen cabinets with no handles are said to be one of the major kitchen trends for the year 2021, if you are looking for a more streamlined look that is also simple.