Top Reasons to Consider a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation can be a lengthy and exhausting process, let alone the mental pressure, it can also be quite expensive. Nonetheless, it is the type of project that can completely change the look of your home and is a great way to upgrade your home if you want to.

Before we provide some of the reasons why you should remodel your kitchen, you should first ask yourself the following question: “Is it time to remodel your kitchen?”. This question can save you from spending the extra money that isn’t needed, as the many small costs involved with a kitchen renovation can add up to a hefty price tag.

 Let’s take a look at the five most frequent reasons why individuals remodel their kitchen in addition to the pro-tips from our professionals here at Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry.

Restore Wear and Tear

 The kitchen is one of the most used rooms within any house, so it is likely that over time a fair amount of damage has occurred. Those homeowners that are more vigilant than others will start to notice the small dents, wear and dings on kitchen walls, cabinets and the flooring after a certain point. Regardless of the quality of the material used there will be some damage sooner or later. The most cost and time efficient solution to this is to reface your current kitchen cabinets rather than changing the whole kitchen for a new, splendid look.

Improve the Functionality

Often in our homes, we have preexisting kitchens that we either use for many years or have previously been used for many years. But, as our families grow and time passes, a substantial number of homeowners realize that indeed it is time to update their kitchen functionality so that they can achieve whatever it is that they have in mind. Whether this be increased family time, cooking or an open concept kitchen for entertainment. This simply just means that you might need to make a layout change which is quite easy and is a lot more cost efficient than remodeling your whole kitchen. This can be changed by either adding an island or with custom-built options, both of which typically only take a few tweaks.

Increase Storage and Organization

A messy kitchen that does not have sufficient storage can be a reason for added stress, beat this by integrating solutions that are smarter and also kitchen user-friendly. The lack of storage can be addressed by adding wall units in your kitchen that are designated to specific objects. Furthermore, there are endless solutions to address this issue that are time-efficient and give your kitchen a more luxurious and elegant look.

Be Cautious and Improve your Home Environment

Many homeowners are not aware of the fact that the air within the home can potentially be harmful to both your home and kitchen.  A number of older kitchens can potentially emit toxins into your home’s atmosphere that can cause health concerns. For example, specific fiberboards and pressed wood products can contain formaldehyde and VOCs. Therefore, ensure that you use environmentally friendly and low VOC emitting materials and products.

All in all, a kitchen renovation does not have to be as hectic, expensive and exhausting as one might think. Sure, it is great to redo the whole kitchen but if you want to work on a budget and take it one step at a time, it is definitely doable. The solutions provided above are a great way to take it one step at time rather than going all out at once. Whether you decide to renovate your whole kitchen or take it one step at a time, Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry is here for you throughout the whole process to assist you with our experienced and professional team!

A Stylish Kitchen on a Small Budget

Kitchen remodeling

So you’ve managed to get yourself a nice-looking house. But what’s missing? You take one look at the kitchen and decide you want to remodel it. But wait, you check your bank account and realize you’re short on cash. So now what?

Kitchen remodeling is expensive in today’s day and age. Contemporary kitchens have a lot of stuff here and there that makes them look good but at the same time requires them to be heavy on your wallet.

Getting the budget right!

The first thing you should do is have a number in mind. This number will be your budget. It doesn’t have to be an exact number; a rough range would be more than enough.

The reason you need to have a budget in mind is because it helps you keep track of things. When you go out to buy stuff for your contemporary kitchen, you tend to lose track of how much you’ve spent so far. Remember, small costs add up very quickly!

With a budget in mind, you can plan out your purchases in advance so that you don’t run over it.

Go for pre-made designs

Now, with your budget in mind, the next step is to go out and buy pre-made kitchen carcasses. We at Aura Kitchens also make a wide variety of kitchen units including cabinets that are very stylish and affordable. You can contact us to make custom doors for kitchen cabinets at an efficient cost. Remember, if you go for an entirely personalized and custom-made unit, the cost will skyrocket.

The next step is the countertop. No kitchen is complete without a fine-looking countertop to put plates and pots on. With countertops, there is a lot of variety. From laminate ones to solid surface countertops to natural stone, the choices are many.

For a budget-friendly kitchen though, laminate countertops are an ideal choice; they are quite exquisite and have a nice surface finish. But keep in mind that laminate countertops are not strong and sturdy; they will break if hit hard enough. Also, laminate countertops are flammable if brought into close contact with heat, so you can’t place a hot pan or a pot on them.

DIY vs hiring a professional

Look, everyone thinks they’re the next Picasso. But let’s be honest here, you’re probably not. But then again, if you are trying to put together a nice-looking contemporary kitchen that is also budget-friendly, then you’re probably going to have to tighten some screws and apply some elbow grease.

If you want your kitchen remodeling to go well, then a little DIY will go a long way in helping you save money on your budget. At the same time, hire a professional for the more complicated stuff like door-making and countertop repairing.

Well, there you go. We’ve given you some nice suggestions on what to look out for the next time you decide to remodel your kitchen on a small budget or decide to go for a brand new one when buying a house. Good luck!


Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Summer 2021

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Since the past decade, kitchens have become an integral part of a household. In addition to being a place where food is cooked, kitchens are now used for other purposes as well, like a makeshift home office.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, investing your money into any aspect of a kitchen will prove to be invaluable, including adding value when it’s time for resale. Whether you want to install custom kitchen cabinets or add in a new coat of paint, listed below are different ways through which you can remodel your kitchen in 2021.

Mid-Century Styles

You can add a modern mid-century style to your contemporary kitchen by contrasting bright whites against soft curves and rich timbers. For instance, dark walnut cabinets will look simple with smart bespoke detailing. Or, light marble countertops and splash-backs, along with tall white cabinets which create an illusion of more space, while making the place look fresh.


Speaking of marble, this is the time to try out this next-level style and delve into some luxury. Marble kitchen designs have made a comeback and are everywhere. Whether you want marble countertops, splash-backs, cabinets, or want an entire kitchen consisting of just a marble layout style, you will not regret choosing it. Heavily veined marble is the trend right now when it comes to classy and luxurious kitchens. Not only does it look remarkable, it is also durable, sustainable, and is a very good investment.

Dark Tones

Colors like black, maroon, red, and other dark tones are mostly used as just accent colors. However, nowadays, an entire kitchen set in a dark dramatic tone is appealing to a lot of people. For instance, black cabinetry, walls, and work surfaces are available in dark colors and add a whole new flair to a kitchen.

Twice the Number of Islands

Since the sizes of kitchens are now increasing, there are more open plan spaces available. Hence, the kitchen island is now considered an important kitchen feature. So, if you have a kitchen that can support two islands, then adding a second one will be a great choice. It will add more working space, and each island can be used for different purposes, for instance, one can be used for cooking, while the second one can be used for dining, and on.

Bright Popping Colors

Just like dark colors are being used in kitchens, bright colors are also becoming popular. You have an abundance of different color opportunities, whether it is floors, walls, cabinets, windows, or even appliances. You can add a hint of color in any place you like. A simple and affordable way to do that is to paint one wall with a bright color and see if you like it or not. If it is not your thing, you can always paint it back to its original color.

Handless Designs

Since technology is advancing at an alarming rate, so are the latest contemporary kitchen designs. Multi-tasking is very important these days, hence, your kitchen should match that aspect. This includes having no handles in places where they usually are present. Thanks to technology, doors can now be opened and closed with just a push, making the handles obsolete. When it comes to cabinetry details, kitchen cabinets with no handles are said to be one of the major kitchen trends for the year 2021, if you are looking for a more streamlined look that is also simple.

Remodeling – The Financial Aspect

kitchen remodelling

Many wonder if remodeling is important when it can become so expensive once you get started. Remodeling is really an option for many property owners as it is to their discretion whether the investment is worth their money. Aura Kitchen & Cabinetry has worked with thousands of customers who believed remodeling their kitchen was one of the best things they did for themselves and their home. Kitchens are a huge investment without a doubt as it is normally the first or second most spacious area within your home. As the kitchen space is designed to store away your kitchen items, cookware, pantry items etc. it requires many cabinet and drawer spaces along with space for running appliances. When this is all added up, that means a remodel requires that the old space be torn down, a customized design be put in place and the new kitchen be built in. So yes! Although it is a huge investment, for many, it definitely becomes an appreciated one. 

Many ask the question, if my kitchen is functional for me, why should a remodel ever need to be considered? Well to answer this question, there are several factors to consider. Due to the high costs that can entail in remodeling a kitchen, a remodel can bring huge value to your home. Whether you wish to sell in the future or you consider the overall financial well-being of your home, a kitchen remodel is a great way to do that. Further kitchen remodels allow for an upgraded space that uses more top quality materials that are more durable and long-lasting. This is essential in the remodeling process as your material choice will determine your kitchen quality. 

As for many, large investments such as kitchens, are sometimes financially difficult even when you have determined you require an upgrade. In that case, good credit can help you land on some very good credit loans that can be a huge relief. You can take however long you require to pay the debt slowly depending on what deal best fits your financial situation. Further, many customers take on home equity loans if their situation allows them to or credit line loans as well. There are many options that are readily available to you at the time you believe this investment is suitable for you financially. We encourage all our customers to even explore borrowing from their 401K’s or maybe even a cash out refinance option. Of these options, the least expensive options would include home equity financing, cash-out refinance and credit cards. Your decision will greatly depend on the total cost of the project, your credit, how much is in the equity of your home and your overall goals with the renovation. Often a loan that offers a comfortable match to your expected financial situation and plenty of extra cash for unanticipated events is usually the most ideal. 

A remodel can be a difficult decision to make in which all factors need to be assessed. Financial risks and all the benefits should all be evaluated. Here at Aura Kitchens & Cabinetry, we want to make that decision as easy as possible for you. We take in all your financial and renovation needs and make the best deal possible so you don’t have to re-think. Making the most of your financial situation will be our best situation. We understand that you require our service and we will take in all your ideas and give you the best price possible. Call us TODAY and we will help you get you your dream kitchen in the most financially possible way! 

YOUR Kitchen…an organized one

YOUR Kitchen...an organized one. Many people dream of having a wonderfully laid out kitchen with beautiful countertops, luxurious lighting, and top of line appliances. On average, a household spends 5-10 hours a week in their kitchen. Imagine how simplistic we can make our lives if our kitchen was easily organized and kept your tasks in the kitchen quick and easy. From preparing breakfast to cooking dinners and making lunches and snacks, your kitchen can get quite busy. Running appliances, cutting and chopping your veggies, throwing dishes into the sink, it sure gets busy. Professionals at Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry understand your kitchen needs. This is why we focus on utilizing your space effectively starting from the kitchen layout down to the type of material we use.  

Your organized kitchen layout

When it is time to redesign a kitchen, our experts focus on one primary detail. That is your kitchen space in your home. How big is it? Where is it located in your home? What other home spaces connect to your kitchen? How can we utilize and redesign the space in the most effective way possible so we are getting the most out of really organizing your area? These are some of the key questions our experts ask. The answers to these questions is what gets us organized and your kitchen remodel started. 

Once we get our answers together, we let you take over. We offer advice on a variety of designs and layout styles based on your space that we think would be the best fit. We take into consideration unique features, color, designs and layouts that could give your kitchen a modern, classic or even a contemporary look based on your preference. Keeping open concepts and adding lots of drawer and cabinet space is usually the way our customers go and it makes sense. This is why we think the way we know you will think. Staying that one step ahead keeps the ball moving in creating that dream kitchen you want. 

Staying Organized 

A part of having a functional kitchen once it is remodeled is making sure the organizing stays. Now with numerous drawer and cabinet space, we always recommend allocating them according to where you work the most and what items are priority. Keeping things handy at an area of the kitchen you use the most will definitely speed up your process. Making use of containers, boxes and labels will also keep you going and functional. Upgrading in material with cabinetry greatly prolongs the life of your beautiful space and just makes you want to keep coming back! Aura Kitchens has all your interests in mind. We know how to help you have a wonderful kitchen experience! Call TODAY for a consultation so we can get on our way to recreating your dream remodeled kitchen