YOUR Kitchen…an organized one

YOUR Kitchen...an organized one. Many people dream of having a wonderfully laid out kitchen with beautiful countertops, luxurious lighting, and top of line appliances. On average, a household spends 5-10 hours a week in their kitchen. Imagine how simplistic we can make our lives if our kitchen was easily organized and kept your tasks in the kitchen quick and easy. From preparing breakfast to cooking dinners and making lunches and snacks, your kitchen can get quite busy. Running appliances, cutting and chopping your veggies, throwing dishes into the sink, it sure gets busy. Professionals at Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry understand your kitchen needs. This is why we focus on utilizing your space effectively starting from the kitchen layout down to the type of material we use.  

Your organized kitchen layout

When it is time to redesign a kitchen, our experts focus on one primary detail. That is your kitchen space in your home. How big is it? Where is it located in your home? What other home spaces connect to your kitchen? How can we utilize and redesign the space in the most effective way possible so we are getting the most out of really organizing your area? These are some of the key questions our experts ask. The answers to these questions is what gets us organized and your kitchen remodel started. 

Once we get our answers together, we let you take over. We offer advice on a variety of designs and layout styles based on your space that we think would be the best fit. We take into consideration unique features, color, designs and layouts that could give your kitchen a modern, classic or even a contemporary look based on your preference. Keeping open concepts and adding lots of drawer and cabinet space is usually the way our customers go and it makes sense. This is why we think the way we know you will think. Staying that one step ahead keeps the ball moving in creating that dream kitchen you want. 

Staying Organized 

A part of having a functional kitchen once it is remodeled is making sure the organizing stays. Now with numerous drawer and cabinet space, we always recommend allocating them according to where you work the most and what items are priority. Keeping things handy at an area of the kitchen you use the most will definitely speed up your process. Making use of containers, boxes and labels will also keep you going and functional. Upgrading in material with cabinetry greatly prolongs the life of your beautiful space and just makes you want to keep coming back! Aura Kitchens has all your interests in mind. We know how to help you have a wonderful kitchen experience! Call TODAY for a consultation so we can get on our way to recreating your dream remodeled kitchen

The Power of Customization

Ever wondered how amazing it would be if you had an idea of the most ideal space for your kitchen or bathroom? And then, ever wondered how you could make it come to life? Well, at Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry, that is the goal. We strive to make wonderful ideas reality. The process of customization is essential in our services because it helps our customers take charge and we simply take the backseat. We listen, we advise, we plan and yes, we create!

The Power of Customization

Developing a plan

Planning is  key to developing the right kind of layout for your kitchen or bathroom area. As with creating any kind of plan, a customized version is a great way to integrate the space you are designing with the best possible fit of resources, such as cabinets and countertops. Our team professionals are experts at giving you the top-level designing, layout ideas and advice. Our extensive planning involves, 

  • Taking accurate measurements 
  • Incorporating your style choice into the design 
  • Selecting your storage options
  • Choosing your final touches and features

For us, planning is a crucial part of our work. This is the time you take charge and help us create your dream!


Your needs, your wants and your ideas are our number one priority. For this, communication between our customers and our team is vital. We always encourage our customers to keep an open line of communication with us throughout the project. Our professionals are extremely approachable, ready to listen to concerns and recommendations. Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry strive for customer satisfaction and satisfaction starts from understanding that our customers are always right!

Creating the dream!

Our expertise is in our hands. With exceptional skills down to the finishing touches, every detail matters. We focus our reconstruction phase of the project on every element of the design. Once the plan and final design is in place, we get down to work. From the tearing down of your old space to the assembly and construction of your new ordered cabinetry and countertops, we love creating the dream to reality. After we have fully communicated all the ideas and finalized the designs, our team starts their initial work of ordering the customized design that is going to be the perfect fit for your space. With great attention to detail, we then begin building down to making sure every finishing touch is completed. At Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry, we take pride in the work we do for you. 

All phases of our work are important. From planning to building, our ultimate goal is a satisfied customer. Here are Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry, we use our rigorous service of customization for our customers so they know they are in charge. We simply provide. We use the powerful skill of communication to make sure we have understood our customers down to the core so that their renovating experience becomes a pleasant one. So call us TODAY to dream and dream big in your home!

Avoid these Renovation Mistakes that Cost You in Future Renovation

kitchen remodelling

As we know Kitchen is the most valuable and significantly used room in the house and spending time with your families and loved ones make every moment memorable and desirable. And in future, if you are thinking of making some sort of changes for the Kitchen Renovation to make everything look aesthetically amazing in its place? Then we think you are doing absolutely great and it’s better to stick with it and start executing your plans.

But sometimes, the situation can be challenging and also quite overwhelming one can’t make up their mind where to start especially when you have a retro-looking kitchen and despite your good intentions, not all kitchen improvement projects end up well. Many a time, in our experience, layout planning may be an issue, or the color choice, cabinetry types, and wooden furniture that don’t match with the style.

But don’t worry, we’ve already planned that for you, and it doesn’t matter whether you are having smaller or bigger kitchens, things are moving in the right place. If you are serious about renovation, then here are some of the renovation mistakes that you should first avoid to stay away from the renovation and keep your pocket wealthy.

The bigger kitchen does not always make sense

Okay, you have a small kitchen and want to make it bigger. Do you ever think for a while what things you will need to prefer to make your kitchen look amazing in a small space and within the budget? This is where the problem ignites. The bigger kitchen makes sense with an interior where you have an option in installing lots of new appliances that are larger and will enlarge the cabinet or countertop opening, but for smaller one, can sometimes be a tough chore to prefer.

Saving on storage and cabinets

Do you think cheaper is better? Definitely not! Your kitchen storage for storing items should be durable enough to last your kitchens and surely investing in a strong cabinet is recommended for any kitchen owners. Opening and closing those drawers is a daily task so they’ll be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Always make sure you opt for genuine quality woods with good designs and finish along with strong hinges to get the most out of your Kitchen remodelling efforts.

Don’t rely on Trends

Look, it’s good to be with the trend to make your house look more interactive and attract more attention somewhere in the future. If you want your kitchen to be timeless, balance it out with neutral color as trends always come and go and trendy homes can easily become dated in a couple of years. So be aware of opting good space planning and timeless kitchen designs to allow current trends to influence the design of your new kitchen and also put your senses up to match the rest of the interior.

Stop distraction and be with your plan

Yeah, many a time people what they do is they plan the desired designs which they want for the kitchen and after some research, they forget what they have planned for it. That means, things are going against the plans and this will only make the process of remodelling in the worst way possible and also beyond the budget. The successful remodelling project is based on following a well-organized design plan and if you have already declared a budget, color selection, theme, and purchased materials according to the plan, follow it and avoid getting distracted.

Being in an overwhelming situation instead be your own designer! The moment you become a designer, all your doubts will get vanished because it is your home and you only have to decide what equipment you want to install and in which place. Sometimes, use your own creative skills and ability to produce layouts, but try to implement it straight away to turn out that space into an eye-catching appearance.

Don’t be bashful, if you have less experience about the renovation. You can grab the versatile amount of help from the Internet and choose what could work best for your kitchen as a guide and the personality and activity of the family or individuals living there in the house whether it is for the installations of kitchen cabinets or vanities.

Also from our professional remodeller at Aura Kitchen, get precise measurements to make sure your new custom cabinets will fit seamlessly in your home as we manufacture cabinets and treat them right here in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mississauga.

Perfect Cooking Space you’ve Always Desired for Your Kitchen Remodelling

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Remodelling a kitchen is really a big mess and it’s not something like an effortless selfless approach. So, even before you map a plan to visit a hardware showroom or meet a professional, read our suggestions and recommendation first on remodelling the kitchen to create the perfect cooking space you’ve always desired for.

Design’s Sheet:

To create a pleasant, relaxed and modern-looking kitchen, you should consider having a designer’s cheat sheet for getting renovation tips for cabinets, countertops, and lighting installation.

Choosing Cabinets or Custom:

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets is up to homeowners to decide which doorknobs and pulls to match with their preference. It should definitely speak to the theme of your cabinet in the same way your kitchen do. Choose a manufacturer that offers the door style with smooth opening and finish as you would want with a standard option.

Under-Cabinet Lighting:

When you are thinking of kitchen remodelling, decorate your lighting either with xenon or led.

Xenon provides you with accurate high colour and vibrant wide beam, and dimmable lightening that not only enhance the look but also add elegance to the beauty of the kitchen.

Led lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting and are enough to enhance the interior of the kitchen with fade effect to present according to your mood lighting.

Double Sliding Shelves:

Always look that a front set of shelves should slide out to the next or one side in a fluid motion, allowing a second to come in the outer corner to slide forward. Concentrate on going for Square shelves cabinets, rather than angled ones as it looks more attractive and eye-appealing in account to the closet interior.


If you’re starting from scratch, you can also opt for drawers based on your comfort and the types of items you plan to store. They take one move and action to open with style as the mechanism is designed in a way that you open the doors first, and then pull the tray for storing large cookware.

Don’t Neglect Quality:

Don’t set your emotions and emphasis so much on the appearance that you forget about quality. You desire hardware to be sturdy, durable and easy enough to grasp on either it is cabinets, drawers, sliding shelves or lighting. It hardly takes one or half-day to cope up with its style and elegance to use it.

Rest, Aura Kitchen is the one that helps you in all of these professional renovations to provide your old-looking retro kitchen into great elegance and style.

Our dedicated team at Mississauga offer kitchen renovation services starting with our client’s vision. Aura is not only the best kitchen remodelling company but is also known for providing quality work with any project we take on.

Important Aspects When Remodeling The Kitchen!

kitchen remodeling

One of the strongest memories of life is cooking food in the kitchen. When recipes are brought and put together, your Kitchen is somewhat like a chamber full of air, fragrance, aroma and fire; a place where we spend most of our joyous moments, and find comfort with family.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and it evokes memories of your family story, but sometimes that memories can piss you off if your kitchen is not in good shape, and this is where Kitchen Remodeling can take place. Kitchen remodeling is the best home enhancement project that adds the most value to your house, an investment to make your Kitchen an ideal place.

Remodeling can be a hard job, and it requires time and patience. However, there are some important aspects to take into concern when kitchen remodeling with Aura Kitchens & Cabinetry.

Design Dreams:

Looks like you have gone to your friend’s house and you have seen their beautiful Kitchen, and from them, you got inspired to remodel your Kitchen. Surely, inspiration can arise from anywhere either from a magazine, social images, vacation or your friend’s house. Now collect those design samples and handover it to our Kitchens Modeler & Contractor, by doing so they understand your precise dream ideas and move according to that.


Your plans should be like your life is fully dependent on it, from beginning to end. If you have a plan to work around the mess, it is worth surviving. Endure a Kitchen remodel that can go much longer and at the same time saves time and money, that involves replacing Kitchen cabinets, installing a kitchen island, countertops, appliances, attaching lighting, and flooring.


Deciding to hire a Modeler takes some time but not much, so prepare yourself to show some due diligence in your way. Vet potential hires and is important not to hire someone unqualified or not capable of performing those things which you want and leave your house worse off. Your gut will help you determine with whom you’re comfortable working.


Budget help you decide what you want, and to what extent. You can say it’s basically the first phase of your kitchen remodeling process. Having a Kitchen design ideas, inspiration before spending is a clever thing you can ever show, as this is your actual roadmap from which everything is being decided. So, spend wisely.

If you are feeling awkward and planning to renovate your retro-looking kitchen renovation in Mississauga and other GTA’s, Then Aura Kitchens & Cabinetry may be a perfect solution for you to enhance and transform your old-fashioned Kitchen into brand-new modern appearances. Experience the very best of what we have to offer and become the part of it.