A Stylish Kitchen on a Small Budget

Kitchen remodeling

So you’ve managed to get yourself a nice-looking house. But what’s missing? You take one look at the kitchen and decide you want to remodel it. But wait, you check your bank account and realize you’re short on cash. So now what?

Kitchen remodeling is expensive in today’s day and age. Contemporary kitchens have a lot of stuff here and there that makes them look good but at the same time requires them to be heavy on your wallet.

Getting the budget right!

The first thing you should do is have a number in mind. This number will be your budget. It doesn’t have to be an exact number; a rough range would be more than enough.

The reason you need to have a budget in mind is because it helps you keep track of things. When you go out to buy stuff for your contemporary kitchen, you tend to lose track of how much you’ve spent so far. Remember, small costs add up very quickly!

With a budget in mind, you can plan out your purchases in advance so that you don’t run over it.

Go for pre-made designs

Now, with your budget in mind, the next step is to go out and buy pre-made kitchen carcasses. We at Aura Kitchens also make a wide variety of kitchen units including cabinets that are very stylish and affordable. You can contact us to make custom doors for kitchen cabinets at an efficient cost. Remember, if you go for an entirely personalized and custom-made unit, the cost will skyrocket.

The next step is the countertop. No kitchen is complete without a fine-looking countertop to put plates and pots on. With countertops, there is a lot of variety. From laminate ones to solid surface countertops to natural stone, the choices are many.

For a budget-friendly kitchen though, laminate countertops are an ideal choice; they are quite exquisite and have a nice surface finish. But keep in mind that laminate countertops are not strong and sturdy; they will break if hit hard enough. Also, laminate countertops are flammable if brought into close contact with heat, so you can’t place a hot pan or a pot on them.

DIY vs hiring a professional

Look, everyone thinks they’re the next Picasso. But let’s be honest here, you’re probably not. But then again, if you are trying to put together a nice-looking contemporary kitchen that is also budget-friendly, then you’re probably going to have to tighten some screws and apply some elbow grease.

If you want your kitchen remodeling to go well, then a little DIY will go a long way in helping you save money on your budget. At the same time, hire a professional for the more complicated stuff like door-making and countertop repairing.

Well, there you go. We’ve given you some nice suggestions on what to look out for the next time you decide to remodel your kitchen on a small budget or decide to go for a brand new one when buying a house. Good luck!


Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Summer 2021

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Since the past decade, kitchens have become an integral part of a household. In addition to being a place where food is cooked, kitchens are now used for other purposes as well, like a makeshift home office.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, investing your money into any aspect of a kitchen will prove to be invaluable, including adding value when it’s time for resale. Whether you want to install custom kitchen cabinets or add in a new coat of paint, listed below are different ways through which you can remodel your kitchen in 2021.

Mid-Century Styles

You can add a modern mid-century style to your contemporary kitchen by contrasting bright whites against soft curves and rich timbers. For instance, dark walnut cabinets will look simple with smart bespoke detailing. Or, light marble countertops and splash-backs, along with tall white cabinets which create an illusion of more space, while making the place look fresh.


Speaking of marble, this is the time to try out this next-level style and delve into some luxury. Marble kitchen designs have made a comeback and are everywhere. Whether you want marble countertops, splash-backs, cabinets, or want an entire kitchen consisting of just a marble layout style, you will not regret choosing it. Heavily veined marble is the trend right now when it comes to classy and luxurious kitchens. Not only does it look remarkable, it is also durable, sustainable, and is a very good investment.

Dark Tones

Colors like black, maroon, red, and other dark tones are mostly used as just accent colors. However, nowadays, an entire kitchen set in a dark dramatic tone is appealing to a lot of people. For instance, black cabinetry, walls, and work surfaces are available in dark colors and add a whole new flair to a kitchen.

Twice the Number of Islands

Since the sizes of kitchens are now increasing, there are more open plan spaces available. Hence, the kitchen island is now considered an important kitchen feature. So, if you have a kitchen that can support two islands, then adding a second one will be a great choice. It will add more working space, and each island can be used for different purposes, for instance, one can be used for cooking, while the second one can be used for dining, and on.

Bright Popping Colors

Just like dark colors are being used in kitchens, bright colors are also becoming popular. You have an abundance of different color opportunities, whether it is floors, walls, cabinets, windows, or even appliances. You can add a hint of color in any place you like. A simple and affordable way to do that is to paint one wall with a bright color and see if you like it or not. If it is not your thing, you can always paint it back to its original color.

Handless Designs

Since technology is advancing at an alarming rate, so are the latest contemporary kitchen designs. Multi-tasking is very important these days, hence, your kitchen should match that aspect. This includes having no handles in places where they usually are present. Thanks to technology, doors can now be opened and closed with just a push, making the handles obsolete. When it comes to cabinetry details, kitchen cabinets with no handles are said to be one of the major kitchen trends for the year 2021, if you are looking for a more streamlined look that is also simple.

The Cost-effective Solutions to Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

When people think of cabinets, they often think of the kitchen. The kitchen is where we spend most of our family time, and this room provides an inviting space for the guests to come together for conversation. Certainly, cabinets are central to kitchens, but they’re also a key feature in bathrooms and just about any other room in your house, and are often the basis on which first impressions are made. 

And when that elegant look is the one you desire for your home, you need to do something exceptional to renovate one of the most popular spaces in your home. If you are looking forward to enhancing the style and comfort of your home, one place to begin is your cabinet work, and this is the one you can’t ignore. You may have your cabinets installed throughout your entire home and upgrading it might seem a daunting task and would cost you a lot like thousands of dollars to replace each one of them. 

According to our cabinets makers, a much cheaper option for you would be to consider a refacing of your kitchen cabinets. And it would be great for those who don’t have to put the huge load on their pockets and want most of the benefits of cabinet replacement but at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes the homeowner is tired of their look, similar to getting rid of a flawlessly good car just because you don’t like its colour and designs.

And if you are one of those nerds who don’t have any idea how to resurface your cabinets, then we recommend you hire some professional renovators to help to get the job done and give you the all-embracing goods to your home.

What is refacing and how is it helpful in saving bucks?

Cabinet refacing is actually a replacement of the cabinet outer skins, layouts, colours and designs. In some cases, the things can move to replace the doors, drawer fronts and applying a new veneer, the hinges, handles, and drawer pull so that it can go with industry standards along with your style and assumptions. 

Refacing cabinets fittings costs less than replacing your kitchen with custom fittings, but don’t be too quick to believe it is an inexpensive alternative to new cabinets. It is only for budget-oriented people who are concerned about the plans and budgets. Usually, the installation of refacing cabinets takes about a fraction of the cost of a new custom kitchen cabinet installation performed by the renovators.

Here is a thing, not every cabinet is a good suitor for refacing, and this doesn’t mean those old cabinets are bad. It depends upon your preference whether you want to change the appearance of old cabinets or remain with the existing one. 

In that case, you should talk to our professional renovators and follow their guidance. Also, doing so may increase the overall cost

Refacing your cabinets adds value to your home no doubt! If you are looking to sell your home, making small changes to your kitchen or bathroom areas can increase the overall value of your home and the buyer may appreciate the perfection. It is so hereby advised to spend most of the renovation work in the kitchen and the bathroom areas as they are one of higher valued rooms in evaluating the worth of a home.

The benefits could go on for refacing your cabinets, but one thing to bear in mind is to get the desired outcome and it should be worth it for your plans. It plays an essential part of yours to communicate frequently with Aura Kitchen & Cabinetry professionals so that you can get exactly what you want for your home closets.

Modern and Traditional Renovation Ideas to Make Family-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen seriously no doubt has traditionally become the most prominent place in the house, or in other words, central hub of a modern home because cooking and sharing food has long been necessary to family life and it’s the place where you cook, eat meals with your family, gather around and share your wonderful life mysteries and stories.

Similarly, meals always are important, and in some cases, cooking space too with luxurious and modernity nature, whether we cook frequently or not, kitchens always will remain the foundation of family life and therefore it needs to significantly change with time.

kitchen cabinet makers burlington

Only if you think your kitchen hasn’t been updated in the decade and you want something interesting and interactive. If you procrastinate, there’s no time like the present. It’s time to make this New Year the opportunity for change and a fresh start for your existing kitchen with modern living.


It’s Time to Go Green

A new year invariably brings fresh drifts to spark your desire and creativity. Today if we are having the loving nature just because of greenery. Greenery is everything and if we talk about renovating a kitchen, it’s better to opt for Green home decor cabinets that are inspired by the natural beauty of the forest. The more shades of green colour you can consolidate the better it will heighten that create an exceptional flash for someone to grab attention at one go.

Paint your Cabinets

Well, you can repaint your kitchen cabinets or update your old kitchen cabinets with the new as green or dark blue is a surprisingly versatile colour one can ever opt for and in case if you are confused in making the decision, don’t worry, leave all that behind with our custom kitchen cabinets contractors. Now, the choice is yours, if you want your home to be on-trendy.


Now people think that installing Backsplashes is only good for bathrooms, we agree, but sometimes, it also gives us the looks and feel of creative and notorious-looking modern infinity look, and we can’t ignore the fact. Some People often have the go-to option to desperately install Backsplashes to give it a bold and striking look.

Our kitchen cabinet makers are using unique and interesting materials throughout the year to create more visual interest in installing Backsplashes in this often-overlooked space. Well, don’t think that it will ruin the interior, think of it as an opportunity to create a work of art in your backsplash. Still, in doubt, get an exceptional level of help from our contractors.

Timber Flooring

Choosing the right flooring material can be a relatively tricky and hectic task and you need to consider several factors, in order to be able to choose the best among them. You can use the impressive and durable timber flooring to impress your loved ones from the luxurious range of quality proof durable and engineered timber wooden flooring that looks cool, easy to clean and classy in appearance.

Well, these are classic and modern mixing eras that creates a truly unique look no matter what kind of kitchen you are currently having, our kitchen contractors do their best to make it look like a charm.

Some of the things you can do on your own and rest leave it in the hands of renovators so that your ass can take a breather to lower the cost of renovation.

If you are sincerely thinking of making an incredible and beautiful kitchen renovation in Mississauga, Brampton or Toronto, you need to perform some of those strategies mentioned above to improve the visual appeal and maximize efficiency from Kitchen.

Perfect Cooking Space you’ve Always Desired for Your Kitchen Remodelling

kitchen renovation

Remodelling a kitchen is really a big mess and it’s not something like an effortless selfless approach. So, even before you map a plan to visit a hardware showroom or meet a professional, read our suggestions and recommendation first on remodelling the kitchen to create the perfect cooking space you’ve always desired for.

Design’s Sheet:

To create a pleasant, relaxed and modern-looking kitchen, you should consider having a designer’s cheat sheet for getting renovation tips for cabinets, countertops, and lighting installation.

Choosing Cabinets or Custom:

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets is up to homeowners to decide which doorknobs and pulls to match with their preference. It should definitely speak to the theme of your cabinet in the same way your kitchen do. Choose a manufacturer that offers the door style with smooth opening and finish as you would want with a standard option.

Under-Cabinet Lighting:

When you are thinking of kitchen remodelling, decorate your lighting either with xenon or led.

Xenon provides you with accurate high colour and vibrant wide beam, and dimmable lightening that not only enhance the look but also add elegance to the beauty of the kitchen.

Led lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting and are enough to enhance the interior of the kitchen with fade effect to present according to your mood lighting.

Double Sliding Shelves:

Always look that a front set of shelves should slide out to the next or one side in a fluid motion, allowing a second to come in the outer corner to slide forward. Concentrate on going for Square shelves cabinets, rather than angled ones as it looks more attractive and eye-appealing in account to the closet interior.


If you’re starting from scratch, you can also opt for drawers based on your comfort and the types of items you plan to store. They take one move and action to open with style as the mechanism is designed in a way that you open the doors first, and then pull the tray for storing large cookware.

Don’t Neglect Quality:

Don’t set your emotions and emphasis so much on the appearance that you forget about quality. You desire hardware to be sturdy, durable and easy enough to grasp on either it is cabinets, drawers, sliding shelves or lighting. It hardly takes one or half-day to cope up with its style and elegance to use it.

Rest, Aura Kitchen is the one that helps you in all of these professional renovations to provide your old-looking retro kitchen into great elegance and style.

Our dedicated team at Mississauga offer kitchen renovation services starting with our client’s vision. Aura is not only the best kitchen remodelling company but is also known for providing quality work with any project we take on.