Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom RemodelingAny kind of remodeling can become a lingering task that is really just waiting for the right moment. Really a moment of you saying enough is enough, my bathroom needs a remodel! On average, a person spends approximately 2 hours in their bathroom space per week. That is a lot of time for the bathroom if you add it up! But, it is an essential time. Time in the bathroom for most is their “me” time and having a comfortable space for that is important. For this reason, having an upgraded or a remodel is crucial so you are always having the best experience possible. 

Custom Bathroom Vanities 

At Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry, our focus are bathroom vanities. Vanities make up a huge area of the bathroom which is why its design and style becomes significant and our focus. Our manufacturing facility does not simply construct standard vanities, rather we pay special attention to the details of your bathroom so we can adequately design, plan and build the perfect custom fit vanity for your bathroom. With tons of options from door and wood styles to storage options, we meet all our customer needs. Further, we focus greatly on the quality material using the most top-rated materials in the market so your vanity lasts. Because the sink is a huge part of the vanity top, water damage along with normal wear and tear can eventually start ratting down the overall compelling-look of your vanity. As a result, we stick to quality products that are tested and proven to beat all that and stay top-notch looking all the time!

The Perfect Fit

Customization is a very unique tool for customers to design and build a product 100% just for their needs. Aura Kitchen and Cabinetry understands the power of customization which is why we have strongly integrated it into our everyday work to serve the needs of our customers. We take measurements, we discuss your preferences, we advise and then we design. Once we create the dream product you imagined, we share and approve for construction. Further, we install your custom bathroom vanity into your space giving it all the final finishing touches and making it ready to use!

Care for your Vanity 

We always advise our customers on caring for their vanity after installation as daily cleaning can greatly impact the overall life of your product. We highly recommend using cleaning products that are designed for countertops, stainless steel appliances (such as your sink), glass and wood surfaces. Using the right product is crucial so that the right cleaning product is used on the correct surface it was designed for. Below are step by step instructions as to how to care for your vanity, 

  1. Clear the area by removing items off surfaces requiring cleaning 
  2. Spray/put on your selected cleaning product and let it sit for 1-2mins
  3. Scrub all the required surfaces in circular motion to avoid possible scratching 
  4. Using a lint-free rag, wipe down the surface thoroughly making sure all areas with the product has been cleaned 
  5. Conduct a final rinse down if needed and wipe all areas with a dry lint-free cloth to provide the clean shine look to your vanity!

So do not wait any longer to begin customizing your vanity with us here at Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry. Pick up the phone now and and let’s get to renovating your bathroom space TODAY!